Monday, November 26, 2012

City Café: Never Fail, Delicious Vittles!

I am a near religious listener to WFPK Radio Louisville, and among the generous sponsors of our city's best radio station is one of the best cafés, City Café. I can recite to you that they offer citywide delivery to any location and that they provide the boxed lunches for members at WFPK's live lunch programs. They are an integral part of our fair city, and I credit them with numerous delights that they've brought to my table.

The location I have visited time and time again is next to Baxter Avenue Theatres. I personally know City Café from many post-cinematic visits, discussing films and grabbing a light meal. I have seriously never been disappointed. Their food is well-executed, not too fancy, and the perfect backdrop to discussing a thought-provoking (or quite the opposite) movie. To me, City Café has nailed the café style: relaxed, a perfect variety on their menu, dish-ware that can be washed after use, recycling for the rest, and real, honest food. Plus, they ask you if you want bread with your soup or salad...yes, yes I do!...but no wasting for the rest of you carb-counters. On top of everything, they have an ever-changing list of specials, and they are always conscious of what's available that season.

I could probably turn back the clock and name you a novel's worth of meals I've had at the City Café, but I'm just going to focus on what I had during my last visit after seeing Cloud Atlas, which by the way, led to a really great conversation. I found the film to be very entertaining and thorough, but that's for another blog altogether! I wasn't starving, but wanted something to please the impending grumblies, and that happened to be their soup of the day: Creamy Mushroom and their pasta salad special. My friend got their Balsamic Glazed Portabella Sandwich, which is always a favorite.

As usual, the meal was everything I wanted it to be. The soup was warm and comforting, with just the right amount of spice and richness. The pasta salad was chilled and speckled with peppers, cheese, and served with that happy slice of baguette. My friend was equally as delighted, savoring her sandwich with the City Café side of tortilla chips--I love that twist. This was actually the place where I discovered the combination of Sriracha sauce and tortilla chips...I highly recommend it!

On top of honest food, this café is honestly priced. You won't pay a ridiculous amount of money for anything, and their lunches sit at a happily priced $7.25. With three locations and citywide delivery, I daresay this should be your go-to for mealtime decision-making.

Find them at:
1250 Bardstown Rd. Lunch and Dinner hours: 11-9 or 10
Phone: 459.5600  This location is now Closed :(

505 W. Broadway: Lunch Hours 10-3
Phone: 589.1797

500 S. Preston (UofL Health Sciences Center): Breakfast and Lunch hours 7.30-3
Phone: 852.5739

Website: City Café

Don't forget that they cater for breakfast and lunch!


  1. Sad to see them go but at least the Broadway location and Health Sciences locations are still serving lunch.

  2. Agreed! I was crushed when they closed the Mid City least it wasn't a total sacrifice.