Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cake Flour: A Sweet Dusting of Good Sense

When Cake Flour opened at the gateway of the up and coming NuLu Art District neighborhood, I couldn't have been more delighted. I regard a good bakery as an indispensable part of a happy lifestyle, and I doubt I'm alone! This particular bakery doesn't just have your basic pastries and cakes, oh no no no, it is a veritable kaleidoscope of delectable goodness, from the sweet and savory categories. Their mission is to deliver quality-made products out of organic and all-natural ingredients, and in my opinion they do so with great passion and talent. Everything I have ever chosen has been absolutely phenomenal and I float closer to nirvana with every bite of those Opera bars...seriously.
Today's story begins at the County Clerk's office--so it is logical that we ended up using chocolate therapy to recover from our unnecessarily long visit to renew the car tags. Goodness. It is as hot as can be (I recommend a good friend's blog post on August to get an idea), insufferable, and I had to go out to the parking meter three times to assist our public workers in their processing. By the time everything was ready set to go, my roommate and I were in need of either a brewski or mainline chocolate. Cake Flour had the perfect remedy on the way home.

Every time you walk into Cake Flour, you will meet a friendly face, I promise. I feel like I am at home, except there are far more baked goods than a home kitchen can churn out (or at least more than we have attempted...challenge accepted!). Anyways, you go in there and are met by a welcoming glass display case with many many choices ahead of you. The gentle hum of the bakery's fans calm you and you enter a zen moment where the only important choices you have to make are between lavender, vanilla, and chocolate (and more, but you get the idea). If you can't make the choice, you can take them all--I know, it is a beautiful thing. 

We ended up filling a box and then scarfing down a flourless chocolate cake, which was truly decadent indulgence. Today's choices included the ladybugs, opera bars, and two chocolate cupcakes with earl grey lavender frosting--WIN. 

Cake Flour also features daily specials, which you can see everyday if you are a Facebook friend. I would call that moment of my day the culinary wake-up call, and I love it! I unfortunately can't go everyday to try the specials, but I would if I could. The savory scones always make me feel warm and fuzzy, the quiche is flawless, and their flavor combinations based on seasonal ingredients are always inspired. In addition to daily specials, they also accept special orders for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, basically any occasion that deserves a cake. I ordered a cake last year for my roommate and I was so happy to see the choices, I could choose the cake flavor, the filling flavor, the frosting and decoration and I couldn't have been more pleased.

This Louisville Lady Gourmet gives Cake Flour a big thank you for making gorgeous sweets that keeps Louisville a little more sane. Bravo! So go get some pure, all natural, organic bakery in your life for breakfast, lunch, or dinner--you will return on many occasions thereafter!

Cake Flour: A Natural Baking Company
900 E. Market St. Suite 100
Louisville, KY 
Phone: 502.719.0173

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  1. What a great place Lady Gourmet! keep up showing us how great your city is and how you can enjoy local businesses there ! :) LOVE IT !