Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lil' Cheezers Restaurant: Cheesy in a good way!

Lil' Cheezers is officially open for permanence on Baxter Avenue right in the middle of what I call the Celtic Quarter (the block where Molly's, Flannagan's, and O'Shea's are). I have loved this place ever since I found their delightful food truck a couple years back after a long night out. It was a beacon of light in the Highlands night, promising serendipitous melty goodness. There were so many scrumptious choices that it took me quite a while to decide, and I still remember what I ordered after so long: a special (because I usually go for those anyway when I can't make a decision) of Dubliner Cheddar with caramelized onions on wheatberry toast. Yes, simple I agree, yet so satisfying that Lil' Cheezers' name was etched in my Hall of Fame for years to come. My friends probably remember my groans of ecstasy at swimming in warm cheddar, which extended until the end of my sandwich--as a result everyone else bought one too, so I guess it was good for them!

We actually planned on going for the soft opening this past week, but we were caught up in our current move. If you are wondering why I am going to be posting on so many restaurants, it is because our stove/oven is not hooked up yet *grits teeth*--but, never fear, I will be fresh and ready for new kitchen creations once the right hoses are connected! Patience is quickly learned when you have to make French press coffee from "hot" tap water...hmm. Good news? We get to indulge in new and wonderful food all around our fair city! Lil' Cheezers is definitely on my list, and now you get to hear about my experience.

While waiting on the movers to arrive, the rumble of hunger started calling furiously and we had to answer quickly in order to keep grumpiness at bay. This is very important while moving your life from one apartment to another. Thus, the obvious answer was pure comfort food and Lil' Cheezers had the fine anecdote.

We walked right in to the welcoming restaurant, aptly decorated with the Louisville Fleur de Lis and warm coloring that conveniently reminds one of gooey cheese. We dined in the front room, but I also noted that there was additional seating in a back room, so no worries about not getting a seat. There is a very inviting patio too, but the afternoon was a bit balmy in the direct sunlight, so we elected to stay inside. The employees were very pleasant and they all got along well, so whatever conversation we happened to overhear being seated right next to the sandwich bar was just fine--plus I was in cheese-induced euphoria, so nothing could have brought me down at that moment.

Mmm Fancy Pants: Elegance in Grilled Cheese
Let me tell you what I ordered...you will cry tears of joy just like I did. I had what was called the Fancy Pants, and boy was it fancy. This sandwich is a glorious collaboration between brie cheese, grilled onions, walnuts, and crisp green apples. Oh the explosion of happiness in my mouth was just wonderful. The brie had great flavor, not like that bland noise you unfortunately find on most menus-THANK YOU! The walnuts were soft, so they added the glory of fresh nuts, which completed the texture quadrangle alongside the crisp bite of the apple and the soft surrender of the brie and grilled onions. Pure beauty. The accompanying sweet potato fries were punctuated by the incredible curry ketchup that they serve on the side. I promise you, I haven't seen curry ketchup since my days living in Austria, and it brought me back to very happy days--ultimate comfort food experience for me!

See that pepperoni peaking out? Legendary!
My roommate, equally panged by the hunger that lifting heavy objects induces, ordered the Legalize Marinara. Cute name, fantastic product. This was an Italian explosion of pepperoni, mozzarella, tomatoes, and garlic. In the bite that I managed to get before the whole thing was demolished by my dear roommate (totally understandable), I noted that the pepperoni was what really made this sandwich.  The pepperoni had a fantastic spice, unlike many that I have had on this side of the pond--I wonder where it's from...

Also on the menu are great dessert choices (which we couldn't handle on that visit, but is definitely on the docket for the next time I pass) including the Elvis, the Smore, the PB&J, and of course the cupcakes from Jamie's 14K Cupcakes. I really love that they kept the cupcakes on the menu, because the building used to be that same cupcake bakery. It's a nice sign of keeping it in the neighborhood, and also keeping a little bit of a tradition for the building--good karma. In addition, the fountain drinks included root beer and orange Fanta, as well as Rooibee Red Tea--choices you don't see in every place. I would recommend adding Ale-8 (a late one) just to complete the locality of the whole thing--plus Ale-8 with grilled cheese is amazing.

Lil' Cheezers has made a great place out of a principal comfort food. I know that they will be successful just from what I have heard from people enjoying their food truck experiences. Now that they are in one place, I can promise that I will become a regular, and I will be equally as delighted when I find them rolling about around town. This restaurant is made of great food, locally minded products, and very down-to-earth people. I look forward to great things from them, and I can't wait to come back for more!

Lil' Cheezers
938 Baxter Ave.
Louisville, KY 40205
Phone: 502.409.7424
Email: matt@lilcheezers.com (owner) manny@lilcheezers.com (general manager)
Check out their website for the food truck schedule as well as a complete menu. You can also rent the truck for special events and request the truck's majestic presence on their website.


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